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Running Man Episode 86

Location: Seoul (various locations).

Guests: Ha Ji Won (actress), Gaeko (Dynamic Duo).

Red Ha Ji Won-Jae Suk-Gary
blue Ji Hyo-Haha-Gaeko
yellow (Serengeti)Jong Kook-Suk Jin-Gwang Soo (tiger, gazelle, giraffe).

Bowling competition (Gwanghwamun Square*): Pass the mission by two members hitting strikes.

Badminton tournament (Jongro supermarket): First team to arrive goes straight to the finals and competes against the winner of a semi-final match between the other two teams. 

High jump (Myeongdong): Jumps of all team members must add up to over 4 meters to pass. 

Death Relay elimination (SBS Mok Dong*): 
First runners start outside the SBS building and race to the 6th floor and find the second runners' nametags. Attach the nametag to the waiting second runner and pass the baton and run to the 9th floor and find the nametags for the third runner. Begin eliminating other teams by tearing off nametags. If the nametag of the baton holder is torn off, the team is eliminated. 

At the bowling alley on Gwanghwamun Square, the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts (ep. 7) is seen in the background. The 9th floor garden of the SBS building is where the introduction of ep. 1 was shot. The athletics competition oath in the beginning should have acknowledged Running Man's penchant towards cheating, lying and betraying. Gaeko's second appearance.

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